In 2006 television baby David Leonardis finally pursued his talk show hosting dreams and started “Chit Chat with David Leonardis and Sarah Cooley”. A year later going out on his own, “Chit Chat with David Leonardis” was born. Inspired by his arts and culture lifestyle, “Chit Chat with David Leonardis” strives to interview interesting people from the art and culture world. The “Cool Old Dudes Series” includes Matt Lamb, Jimmy Mayes, Larry Thomas “The Soup Nazi”, and Marc Hauser. While filming an early episode with Professor Norman Girardot at the Howard Finster Vision House Museum, David’s passion project, the subject of ghosts came up. David chose to take this to its logical conclusion and started a whole new TV show exploring ghosts at the Howard Finster Vision House Museum. Paranormal Museum stands on its own and provides a fantastic insight on the paranormal world and the paranormal activity going out at the Howard Finster Vision House Museum Campus. David is very proud of his efforts and invites you to spend an evening enjoying this fantastic content.

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